Quantum Group was founded with the intense idea that we offer a focused range of very compelling services. We’re a team of Planners, Strategists, visionary’s, negotiators, and builders that specialize in the Urban region and lifestyles of Puget Sound neighborhoods.

We approach each project with great thought and creativeness. We know and understand the nuances of the markets that we work in. We consistently produce very impressive projects, with the highest level workmanship.

Patrick Ross

Patrick Ross founded Quantum Group over 20 years ago, however his passion and roots in the industry go back nearly 35 years. Patrick is an expert at finding and initiating the right formula in the best place, at the right time. His vision is long term, and home grown.

Quantum Build

Quantum Build LLC is a very talented Construction firm that collaborates with Quantum Group but is separate in ownership. Quantum Build was launched 24 years ago in West Seattle, it changed the market,.. and a number of neighborhoods. They build and create with some astounding and innovative ideas, designs, and products. These are homes for life, and comfortable living. Quantum Build thinks and dreams different, it brings straight forward thinking, an overwhelming amount of passion and advance vision, and produces very high quality developments with very satisfied clients and home buyers.

Quantum Groups Marketing

Quantum Groups Marketing has enjoyed partnerships with many Regional brokers, and successfully collaborates with the NWMLS. They take great pride in their customer service, diligence, and they always leave impressive results with wonderful follow through. They Listen, they observe, and they take action to obtain success and results. It’s not magic, but they sometimes make it look like magic.